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Define the term marketing, and explain the marketing concept. Compare and contrast the marketing concept with the ‘product philosophy’.

●The definition of Marketing is "Selling goods that don"t come back to customers who do - at a profit which satisfies shareholders - using means which satisfy other stakeholders

There are five recognized orientation to business which are called marketing concepts, they are

1. Production,

2. Product,

3. Selling

4. Marketing

5. Societal Marketing.

The marketing concept can be described as outside-in approach and others can be described as inside-out approach. Firstly, we should go out to do market research and finds out what the customers‘ needs and wants are, and then we research and develop new products in order to satisfy the customers, whilst we offer the right marketing mix of product, place, price and promotion, the customers get satisfied eventually. The organization should offer a set of satisfying product in acceptable price to customers accompanying popularization activities. Then, through marketing concept to motivate customers buy goods.

Organization with this view of business recognize that key to success lies in finding out who its customers are and what they want, then finding a profitable way of satisfying those wants more successfully than their competitors.

The marketing concept encourages organization to focus on the market, be orientated to the customer, co-ordinate all the business functions to serve the identified needs of the customer and therefore produce profits.

●Compare and contrast to the marketing concept with the ?product philosophy‘ . The marketing concept aimed at what marketers should do in marketing and customer needs, wants and demands. About the marketing concept, it is a method that focusing on promotion. We will advertise through media and choose locations to do promotion in order to excite customers ‘ purchase desire, besides that, the skilful salespersons should be employed, and then sale the products to consumers through using aggressive selling techniques.

The product philosophy is talking about the customers‘ favor product which should be designed and produced by focusing on the highest quality and technologically advanced features instead of the needs. We must reduce the costs of products and let them be available ubiquitously, anytime and in large volumes.

2. Identify the elements of the marketing mix and explain each element in terms of the organization in the case study. Your answer must include an explanation

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