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  1. 原因分析段落:

  开头方法(1) : 因果兼顾

  What has brought about this debate? Personally, I believe that three primary reasons may account for this. To begin with, as a result of ___, _____. So ___. In addition, ___ in order to ___, Then ___. Finally, coupled with ___ is ___ that contributes to ___

  开头方法(2) 无果有因

  There are many reasons for it, the most important of which, I would propose, is _____. Additionally, ___ is a contributing factor accounting for ______. Finally, ____ can be traced to _____.


  When it comes to the issue of _________, some people are more likely to ascribe its emergence to _______. However, it is not the primary reason at all. Rather, _______.

  Whenever the debate of _______ is raised, some people are prone to attribute its expansion to _____. Nevertheless, it is nothing more than a tip of the gigantic iceberg. As a matter of fact, __________.

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